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Sales - Marketing

The Sales and Marketing sector of Group Philian Hotels Management assumes responsibility to develop the business plan of your business, thus ensuring long term sustainability and profitability of your unit.

Pricing Policy

The pricing policy shall be based on studies of market trends combined with the level of customer service and competition.

Hotel Sales Promotion

To promote sales of your hotel complex, our Group prepares and presents your products to brokers group or to individual customers, with negotiations for the best outcome for you. A network of representatives takes over sales promotion through personal sales, exhibitions, seminars, Roadshows and whatever other means deemed to be necessary and functional.

Hotel Marketing

Services Marketing of Philian Hotels Management include research and market analysis to design a marketing strategy, focusing targent group in the world market by the most potential effect, promoting the brand name, as well as designing an advertising campaign in relation with market needs and your capabilities. Having the best partners for this purpose and always choosing of appropriate promotional material (printed general information, application forms for offers, photos, CD Rom, promotional gifts, invitations, gifts, etc.).


The online marketing via the internet is now very necessary in this era of speed of information. The Group companies Philian Hotels Management offers hotels and tourist businesses to expand their communication around the world, acquiring highly functional websites with fast response and continuous updating information. We provide the design of your website that can also include targeted advertisements (banners, sponsorships), with reliability, functionality and security issues in trade, and promoting it in all browsers.

Hotel Reservations Management

We manage, process and control policies of the tour operators, constantly monitoring the state of occupancy of tourist agencies and the terms of their contracts. While applying the appropriate sales techniques, providing solutions in times of overpopulation or low occupancy.

Contract management

Desirous of increasing your profits and maximum efficiency of your business, we pay special attention to monitoring contracts and charges for the smooth cooperation with travel agencies and Tour Operators.